3/5 ★ – theebigbamtheory's review of Industria.

At one point in the middle of my playthrough, I had a thought about what kind of people the developers of this game are. My conclusion back then is that they're a bunch of good ordinary folk looking to fill a hole in the world. The thing is, games like Industria are quite rare these days. A slower paced singleplayer FPS game in the year 2021 would stand out easily, as the market is simply filled with wacky crazy fast paced shooters. Industria certainly does a decent job of filling the void, despite having more than enough flaws to warrant descriptions such as "janky", "low budget" and "unpolished." The story is... weird. It does have a strong emotional moment near the end, and the ending makes it more interesting, but overall it's nothing worth thinking too much about. It's quite a short game (4 hours), and the story felt decent enough to engage through that timespan. The game takes place in mostly urban levels, and you'll be using your flashlight often since it can be quite dark at times. The level design is just fine for the most part. There's an occasional feeling of things being too spaced out or empty, but that's it. There's barely any unique models which makes the environments (especially indoors) feel samey. Gunplay feels very loose, as most of the enemies you'll fight will attack in melee range. The guns here feel more like a luxury, as there's barely enough ammo to use against all the enemies. You're encouraged to use your pickaxe to save ammo, and save the guns for when things get chaotic. Enemy variety is not great, since as said before, most of them don't use guns. I guess they do it to hide the weak gunplay. The overall difficulty is good, as you won't be feeling too comfortable at any point, but it's also not too punishing. Graphically it looks decent on PS5. It's certainly not an AAA game. The game runs okay for the most part, although at the time of writing, there's an alarming level of model pop-ins. Also, The feedback of shooting your guns is just okay, although the sound effects are pretty good. At this point, I realize that the game sounds more bad than good, but it is what it is. It's one of those games where you know it's not very well made, but you still enjoy it a lot. Like I said before, the game felt like it's made by a bunch of good folk doing their best. It might not be worth $20 for most people, but at a discount, it's worth the shot.